“Don’t wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.”

September is “National Preparedness Month”

 FEMA estimates that 70 percent of Americans haven’t practiced or prepared for an emergency. Even with 24/7 news stories of disasters devastating communities across the U.S. and throughout the world, most families and individuals alike aren’t thinking about floods, wildfires, hurricanes, power outages and other serious events that could happen at any time. The emergency management industry is hoping that recognizing September as National Preparedness Month will change that.
As a national leader in emergency preparedness, BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (BCFS EMD) wants you to be just as prepared as our responders during dire situations.
If this is your first time preparing, here are a few helpful ideas to get started:
  • Every community is different. Do your homework to ensure your plan fits your community.
  • Communication is vital. Speak to everyone when preparing. Speak to everyone throughout the incident. The more informed your network is, the better your chances of survival.
  • Preparedness kits aren’t all alike. Be sure to identify the particular items you and your family will need to survive. This includes medication, equipment and even comfort items.
  • Don’t just plan, PRACTICE! Designate a day every couple of months for your family to practice your plan. Just like top athletes, through practice and muscle memory will help you execute when the pressure is really on.
Just like communities, BCFS EMD has to remain prepared at all times. As a non-profit partner of federal, state and local government and private industries, our team is always updating and refining our skills and knowledge. Our training and exercises provide tailored preparation to any state, jurisdiction or health care entity’s needs. By implementing hands-on workshops and exercises, BCFS EMD helps strengthen the knowledge of communities and organizations seeking further response insight.
BCFS President and CEO Kevin C. Dinnin said it best when he said, “By empowering communities and organizations with the best measures to ensure their safety, BCFS EMD strives to make every individual ready for the worst potential scenarios in their life. We take great pride in being part of these preparations and training.”
Don’t be left unprepared. Make the commitment this month to ensuring you and your family are prepared if — and when — emergencies happen. 
To learn more about National Preparedness Month, visit Ready.gov/September. And for more details on BCFS EMD, visit BCFSEMD.org.

BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division Appoints Resource Director to Ensure Readiness

BCFS Names Davenport Director of Warehouse, Fleet and Technology Resources

Photo: Davenport

BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (BCFS EMD) has named William Davenport its Director of Warehouse, Fleet and Technology Resources. As a national partner of local, state and federal agencies during times of emergency, it is critical that BCFS EMD have impeccable inventorying and inspection of resources, as well as maintenance of an extensive vehicle fleet that includes multiple 18-wheeler mobile command platforms, fire engines, mobile medical clinics, box trucks, generators and more, all ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Davenport has spent his career on the front lines of disaster response. He served more than 35 years with the San Antonio Fire Department in roles that included firefighting, technical rescue, communications, and technical services. He joined BCFS EMD in 2008 and has filled vital roles on the organization’s incident management team during several major responses, ensuring continuity of communications technology, fleet readiness and logistical execution. He has also overseen the integration of BCFS EMD’s communications technology with a number of local and state-run communications equipment, ensuring immediate interoperability when BCFS EMD is tasked to support government responses.
“Bill is always one of the first responders to report for duty in the morning, and oftentimes one of the last to leave,” said Kari Tatro, EVP/COO – Administration, Education & Emergency Operations . “His dedication is undeniable, and his thoroughness and ability to move fast makes him an important member of our emergency management team.”
For more information about BCFS EMD, visit BCFSEMD.org.
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BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division is a non-profit partner of federal, state and local government and private industry, specializing in emergency management, incident management, disaster response, public health & medical emergency response, mass care, mass fatality planning, medical sheltering and planning for vulnerable populations.