Submit a magazine story idea!

Employees of programs across the BCFS system

BCFS Public Affairs & Communications has started working on the annual BCFS together magazine. Thanks to your input and assistance over the years, this piece has become our organization’s most effective and impressive marketing tool. We are excited to see what develops in the 30-plus pages just waiting to be created!

The purpose of the annual magazine is to share the amazing work YOU and your program(s) do every day, making a difference in the lives of children, youth, families and communities in need across the nation and across the globe. So this is your official call for stories!

Each program is responsible for submitting at least one story idea or draft article to the BCFS Public Affairs & Communications (PA&C) team by July 25, 2016. Discuss your story idea with your supervisor. If approved, send your draft or story idea to with “Magazine” in the email subject line. If you submit a draft of an article, you’ll receive authorship credit in the magazine! If you’d rather leave the writing up to the BCFS PA&C team, simply contact us with a story idea.

Please ensure that your clients are willing to share their story and have a signed publication consent form in their files (available on SharePoint under Public Affairs & Communications-Shared Documents). Remember, each story also needs at least one high-quality image. If possible we’d love to have more than one article showcasing your program’s great work!

S.H.A.R.E. your story!

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are some guidelines for impactful stories.

  • S: Success Story, A client/family story that has come full-circle, beginning-to-end, tale of success and triumph.
  • H: Happy Ending, A personal testimony that can be shared in the client/family’s voice – a story of perseverance and dedication – this can be a client, a volunteer or an employee.
  • A: Application, Something that showcases how BCFS is a true leader in social services, applying a unique or new methodology, or one-of-a-kind expertise.
  • R: Remembrance, Memorable and momentous milestones, non-date specific (i.e., no seasonal events like a Christmas or summertime party).
  • E: Everything but the kitchen sink! Stories that highlight our uniqueness, extraordinary people, talents, tributes, and “what right looks like”… everyday!

Questions? Email us at