Step Up for Youth

Building Kerrville, One Youth at a Time

The BCFS Kerrville Transition Center is a “one stop” center that provides life-changing services to youth such as counseling, case management, medical care, emergency housing, life skills training, educational support, and employment connections – without duplicating existing services.

The demand for these services for Kerrville-area youth has caused BCFS to outgrow its current facility. BCFS Health and Human Services hopes to gain your support for the construction of a new Kerrville Transition Center.

Impact of the Kerrville Transition Center:

The new Kerrville Transition Center will house five nonprofits and provide as-needed space for other community partners.

By combining resources, the center will offer a comprehensive array of services… making it the most robust site for care and compassion for Hill Country youth.


In 2012, our organizations reached new heights by:
  • Touching the lives of more than 4,690 clients
  • Providing more than 350 hours of GED assistance, resulting in 48 clients obtaining their GED
  • Finding stable housing for more than 200 homeless youth
  • Providing literacy training, GED, and/or college assistance to more than 200 young adults
  • Reducing crime by preventing 87% of our juvenile youth from reoffending
  • Improving family relationships for approximately 93% of our youth
  • Connecting youth with jobs at local businesses, such as Fox Tank, Pro Max Construction, Schreiner University, Little Smiles Dentistry, Wells Fargo Bank, Inn of the Hills, JM Lowe and others
  • Decreasing or stopping substance abuse among 86% of our young adults

Who uses the Kerrville Transition Center?

  • Former foster youth and those currently aging out of the state foster care system
  • Youth who have been in trouble with law enforcement due to truancy or other delinquent activities
  • Youth who are homeless
  • Young adults who dropped out of high school and want to go back to earn their diploma or GED

Why do we need a new transition center?

Our current transition center has experienced exponential growth and success; however, we have outgrown our current space and in order to continue to meet the needs of our struggling youth in our hill country community we must build a new center.  We have been presented with a unique donor opportunity that will enable us to expand if we meet the matching requirement. We must ensure that we continue to meet the local demands for the prevention of crime, unemployment, drug and substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and homelessness among our young adults.

BCFS Health and Human Services hopes to gain your support for the construction of a new Kerrville Transition Center.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can help, please contact Kathleen Maxwell at  (830)928-9387 or

Community Partners

The following esteemed community organizations will join BCFS in the new Kerrville Transition Center, to ensure youth receive comprehensive yet unduplicated services:




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