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Benefit hunt to be held December 1-2 | November 28, 2018
The Big Country Children’s Benefit Hunt, a program of BCFS Health and Human Services, strives to bring an outdoor expedition to a selected group of children in the foster care system. This year, the program will also take place in the panhandle of Texas.
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School district starts a ‘caring’ initiative

Del Rio News-Herald | November 25, 2018
San Felipe Del Rio CISD administration teams up with BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio to implement a district-wide initiative that encourages altruistic behavior.
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San Antonio’s Holiday Lights Start Twinkling This Weekend

Rivard Report | November 16, 2018
At Elf Acres in West San Antonio, Ray and Miriam Callahan transform 15 acres into a drive-through Christmas light show opening Friday, Nov. 16, proceeds will benefit CERI.
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Apoyan a sobrevivientes de abuso sexual y violencia

Channel 12 News | October 21, 2018
BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio received a visit from a student who presented a donation of different items to help the survivors of sexual abuse and violence.
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Firma proclamación contra violencia hacia las mujeres

Zólaco | October 21, 2018
BCFS Health & Human Services receive document titled “October, Month of Awareness Against Domestic Violence”, a proclamation expressing the commitment in support to reduce rate of domestic violence victims signed and delivered by Mayor of Del Rio, Texas, Bruno Lozano.
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Vigilia en honor a víctimas de violencia doméstica

Super Chanel 12 | October 17,2018
BCFS Health & Human Services-Del Rio honor victims of domestic violence as the community gathered for the 8th annual Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil held on October 16th in the historical Paul Poag Theater.

Domestic violence victims remembered at the Paul Poag Theatre

Del Rio News-Herald | October 17, 2018
The community of Del Rio, Texas gathered for the BCFS Health & Human Services 8th annual Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil to honor victims of domestic violence.

Reubican vigilia por pronóstico de lluvia

Super Channel 12 | October 15, 2018
Due to unforeseen weather, the 8th annual Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil is moved from Greenwood Park to Paul Poag Theater.

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Del Rio News-Herald | October 7, 2018
BCFS Health & Human Services takes part in the 20th annual Andale Del Rio Health Event promoting health and fitness in the community.

Inauguran La Semana Binacional de Salud

Super Channel 12 | October 5, 2018
BCFS Health & Human Services representatives attend the inauguration for the XVIII Binational Health Week at the Consulate of Mexico.