To Be a Blessing

by Elliott Harris


Six years ago, Elijah Brown offered me something not at all unique, and yet just as surely important: a way of looking at the world that would forever change what I saw as valuable in life.

“We are blessed to be a blessing to others,” Dr. Brown said, at the time a humble university professor. And there I was, a less-than-humble college student, jotting down the phrase I had just heard, knowing that even if this sentence never made it to an exam, it was a testament worth remembering. The most meaningful truths are often the simplest.

My biggest regrets and greatest achievements since that lesson have taught me much. But as time passed and things changed, the words of a good professor and greater advocate never faded, and never became less important than the day I first heard them.

Today, I graciously accept one such blessing in my life as I join the BCFS Public Affairs and Communications team full time. In only a few months working alongside the BCFS System in a limited role, I have listened to, read, and shared the stories of many whose lives have been impacted, in ways both infinitesimal and immense, by this organization. They are accounts that have come from both the servant and the served. They are accounts that have been honest, broken, and nuanced, but always filled with hope, and always built on faith.

In this new commitment, I hope to continue building on the relationships I have established and the stories I have come to know. I hope those in the BCFS System who have been so kind and welcoming, from around the world, will continue to share their stories with any and all who may find them beneficial to their own life and applicable to their own circumstances. I hope that the bedrock of service and support which this organization has to offer will continue to grow in the communities that have been established and in communities that have yet to be reached.

Above all, I hope that if you find yourself blessed, you can recognize it is so that you might be a blessing to others.


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