Silver Cliff Ranch Announces First Assistant Camp Director

Silver Cliff Ranch is pleased to introduce a new member to the team as Jordan Euler joins Silver Cliff in the role of Assistant Camp Director. Working alongside Eric and Leta Dahlberg – the dedicated duo who have operated the site for 37 years and counting – Jordan will focus on creating new opportunities for the many guests the Ranch hosts and the many more they hope to reach.

Jordan has a storied career in outdoor education and adventure, serving for 15 years across four states in a variety of senior positions. The majority of his work has been with high schools and universities, leveraging the outdoors as a learning tool for students. Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree from Covenant College, and will soon receive his Master of Education from The University of Arizona, allowing him to grow on his established experience in secondary education and his work with youth.

Eric Dahlberg, Camp Director at Silver Cliff Ranch, anticipates Jordan’s fresh perspective of the facility, extensive knowledge of the outdoors, and familiarity with new and emerging technology and marketing tools will make him an invaluable asset to the small team at the top of the Rockies. “We’ll split up some of the responsibilities for managing the camp, but he’s also going to help do some promotion work and work on a new system for bookings,” said Eric. “I’m excited to have him join us and looking forward to getting some new ideas.”

For Jordan, the move to Silver Cliff is a new adventure as much as it is a homecoming. Buena Vista, Colorado, which is only a 15-minute drive from Silver Cliff Ranch, is where Jordan and his family spent years of their lives before moving to Northern Idaho. Jordan always hoped that one day they would return to Buena Vista. “It’s definitely the place that I want to call home and raise my kids,” said Jordan.

Jordan will be on site soon but is already building on his vision for Silver Cliff while working remotely. “Something I’m excited about is revealing and highlighting what the camp has to offer, through outreach and specifically targeting different audiences,” said Jordan.

“We are thrilled to have Jordan on board at Silver Cliff and look forward to seeing how his unique experiences, subject matter expertise, and education help heighten the experience for our staff and our guests,” said Asennet Segura, EVP/COO of Community, International and Residential Services.

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