Presidential Grant Meets Transportation Need Abroad

Helping children find families to call their own is what Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI) does best. However, the barriers to giving orphaned children from around the world the services and resources that they need are not always the obstacles that are the most obvious. Sometimes, solving the little things can make a big difference in the overall outcomes for children. 

Since CERI began services in the locations they operate today – Moldova, India, and Sri Lanka – infrastructure has consistently shown up high on the list of underappreciated barriers when serving kids without families.  

“If one of our case workers takes public transportation, they’re going to leave at 9 a.m., make one home visit, and barely get back to the office by the end of the work day,” said Connie Belciug, Executive Director of CERI. “But if they use a car, they can make three or four home visits in a single day.”

Knowing that better transportation can mean greater service to children in need, President and CEO of the BCFS System, Kevin C. Dinnin, contributed a non-refundable grant for the purchase and implementation of two new vehicles, one in Sri Lanka and the other in Moldova.

The vehicles will not only help staff to more readily respond to the needs of their service population, they will also help transport clients to local service projects, deliver groceries, and even take families to their medical appointments on time.

With each of CERI’s international case managers responsible for roughly 35 children, getting CERI staff where they need to be in a timely and reliable way is very important to ensuring that more children can take advantage of the quality programs which the nonprofit has to offer.

“We have very intense requirements for [our case managers] to meet, and we wouldn’t be able to increase their case load unless we decreased those requirements for contact,” said Connie. With these new safe and dependable vehicles adding to or replacing others that are 10 years old or more, CERI can be sure that its capabilities grow in a healthy direction, serving more children more effectively.

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