EMD Welcomes New Executive Director

BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (EMD) has selected Dakota Duncan as Executive Director for the division.  

Dakota brings a diverse set of skills to the EMD team, having worked previously as a Firefighter and Paramedic in three states, a State Emergency Management Director for the Indiana National Guard, and an Incident Command Subject Matter Expert for the U.S. Department of Defense. He has earned multiple degrees in higher education, including a master’s degree in public health (MPH) from the American Military University. Dakota’s MPH and focus on public health lends the division another important piece in forming a well-rounded, multidisciplinary approach to emergency management.

Dakota served in the United States Navy for eight years and as a U.S. Army Civilian for two years. He has taught and trained in various capacities throughout his tenure in emergency management and in the armed forces.

Kari Tatro, EVP/COO of Administration, Education and Emergency Operations, is confident Dakota will be “a very capable member of the team who can keep current operations stable while also giving us room to grow.”

The Emergency Management Division responds to crises with incredible speed on an incredible scale, and although the task is demanding, EMD’s track record proves it is also manageable. As the division’s needs grew and adapted around the constituencies they served, the benefits of employing a dedicated position for more specific and specialized roles became obvious. Lauren Maher, Chief of Staff for EMD, explained: “This position is vital to the development of the EMD team and will allow leadership to designate our growing responsibilities to more people, the right people.” 

 “BCFS [Health and Human Services] has one of the most highly respected teams in the world. Our people are absolutely phenomenal at what they do, and it is an honor to lead such an amazing team,” said Dakota.

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