Ana's Healthy Start

Ana's Healthy Start

By Araceli Flores                                                                                               Featured in BCFS' annual together magazine

Ana was eighteen years old when she first arrived in Laredo,Texas in 2004. Frightened, alone,and seven months pregnant, she crossed the Rio Grande River from Mexico to reunite with her baby’s father awaiting them in Laredo to build a better life.

Several weeks later, Ana gave birth to a baby girl in Laredo.Born with a dislocated hip, Ana’s baby had one leg shorter than the other. Ana believes it was God’s plan for her to give birth in the United States where her baby could receive proper surgery and medical care she didn’t have access to back on her ranch in Mexico.

Ana is grateful for all the help her family has received from BCFS Healthy Start. In fact, for all four babies Ana has had since her firstborn, she worked with BCFS Healthy Start to stay healthy and join in the health education and parenting classes. Ana has evolved from being a soft-spoken teen mom to a young adult and mother of five children.

“This program is really good because it has helped me learn how to raise my children with their classes and advice. It helps me learn that even though life might not be easy, a person can be successful if you are determined. On a personal note, I have learned from them and have grown as an individual, woman, and mother.”