Message From the President, Kevin C. Dinnin

Message From the President & CEO, Kevin C. Dinnin

Featured in the annual BCFS together magazine, 2015

For many years, BCFS characterized our global reach as "Rooted in Texas, Branches Worldwide." It's a clever play on our tree-centric logo, but more so, a short – yet impactful  illustration of the way our organization is truly making a difference in the lives of millions around the world. Today, our organization has a role to play in every one of Texas' 254 counties, and works with children and families in every U.S. state. We also continue to lead important missions in Eastern Europe, South Asia and Africa.

For BCFS, growth doesn't indicate wealth. While we make it a priority to operate as a professional, sophisticated corporation, we are ever-mindful that we're not in the business of widget-making; we are helping people. Our "stakeholders" are siblings removed from their home because mom hits them when she drinks; the 35-year-old adult with autism whose elderly parents are no longer able to fully care for him and want a loving place for him to call home for the rest of his life; and the middle-class family living in the Valley whose home completely flooded days after a storm passed and had no other place to go for shelter.

As a system of six not-for-profit organizations  each with a unique mission  BCFS continues on a solid, yet highly aggressive growth plan designed to address numerous challenges and unmet needs in our society. We strive to be fearless in the expansion of our capbilities, and boldly initiate strategies to overcome obstacles and bridge the gaps in service to humanity.

Every penny that comes into our agency fuels our mission, paying greater dividens in the long run by lifting up those in need. The more we have the more we can helpbottom line. We take our responsibility to carefully manage all resources entrusted to our stewardship very seriouslywhether from our government partners or from the cadre of generous philanthropists and private entities who enable us to touch millions of lives around the world each year.

For more than 70 years, we have responded to the needs of millions of children, adults and families facing horrific challenges and circumstances. We have boldly charged into the face of countless regional, national and global emergencies. From the Branch Davidian Crisis in Waco, the Southeast Asia tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters…even the Ebola outbreak that touched our American healthcare system, BCFS has provided the highest possible professional standard of care and response unto the least. Often, BCFS has been the only resource that would, or could, meet or respond to crisis needs.

At the heart of our vision is the desire to be the hands and feet of Christ; to provide care, service and compassion that is pleasing to our Lord and honors His love of all mankind. This Christ-centered mission and our ever-present drive to do the right thing has proven to be a rock-solid pathway for BCFS.