Kids Averted from Placement Services (KAPS)

KAPS provides in-home services including counseling and case management to families who have children on probation with Bexar County.

Services provided by KAPS

  • Family and individual counseling with a licensed therapist weekly
  • Case management services weekly
  • Quarterly tours of TYC facilities throughout the state
  • Varied summer activities
  • Back to school events and support
  • Life Skills Training – 30 hours
  • Monthly Resource meetings
  • College Tour and preparation
  • Career Exploration (Discover)
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Annual College Conference

To provide these services, KAPS uses a team approach to implement an In-Home Family Preservation model of service. A licensed therapist provides family and individual counseling. He/She serves as a liaison between Juvenile Probation and KAPS, while also providing anger management and parenting education to the family and probationer.

KAPS is funded by Bexar County Juvenile Probation