Adoption in San Antonio

Adoption is the most rewarding thing you could ever do. It’s so worth it. There’s nothing like seeing positive change take place in a child’s life.

Paulina Palmer, Adoptive Parent

Can I adopt?

BCFS Health and Human Services Residential Services Division Foster Care and Adoption strives to keep children with their biological family, but when a child’s parents are unable to make the necessary changes to regain custody of their children, the state or federal government will move to place the child in the next best situation for their growing needs: with adoptive parents.

Adoption is currently only available for families in the San Antonio area. We cannot offer adoption to families in Dallas/Fort Worth or Tyler this time.

How is adoption different from foster care?

A child is placed in an adoptive home with the expressed purpose of the parents adopting the child. The child’s parental rights have already been terminated and the child is legally able to be adopted.

When a child is placed in an adoptive home, an adoption coordinator from Foster Care and Adoption works with the family for six months to ensure a smooth transition for the child and adoptive family. After six months and with approval from all parties, the child can be legally adopted.

Ease of adoption

Foster Care and Adoption strives to ensure each child is a good fit for their future home. With the aid of our staff, adoptive parents can navigate through the adoption process more easily. Foster Care and Adoption staff work to facilitate adoption and act as a sponsor and advocate for the parents.

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