ETV's School of the Month

School of the Month

To connect ETV-eligible youth with one of the dozens of top quality colleges, universities, or vocational/career schools across Texas, we'll highlight an ETV SCHOOL OF THE MONTH. 

June 2017:  San Antonio Community College (SAC)

SAC's MISSION: To empower our community for success by meeting the postsecondary learning needs of a diverse and globally-networked society.  To help students achieve their full potential by preparing them to graduate, transfer, or enter the workforce with effective critical thinking skills, communication proficiency, leadership ability, personal and civic responsibility, empirical and quantitative understanding, performance proficiency, and the ability to work effectively in teams.

Degrees and Certificates Offered at SAC:

Associate of Arts in Teaching
Associate of Science or Certificate in:
Accounting Technology
American Sign Language
Banking and Financial Services
Computer Programmer
Court Reporting
Criminal Justice
Dental Assisting
Early Childhood Studies
Fire Science
Medical Assisting
Paralegal Studies
Real Estate Management
And much more!  


Melissa Flores-Valencia
Lead Advisor at the SAC Empowerment Center