Donation & Volunteer Information

BCFS receives many inquiries each day from individuals, churches and organizations that wish to assist with our ongoing operations to shelter and care for immigrant children. Although we appreciate this outpouring of compassion for the children in our care and the American people's willingness to serve, we have no volunteer or donation opportunities available at this time specific to our temporary shelter operations.


As a federal contractor operating on an active military base, BCFS' Emergency Management Division is exclusively using full-time staff members who are credentialed, have the background checks necessary to work on military bases, and operate with clear accountability. Although we recognize well-meaning volunteers can be a powerful resource during a crisis, they are not the right solution for temporary sheltering operations.

Donated Goods:

The children deemed to be "unaccompanied minors" are placed under the conservatorship of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As a result, children are provided all the new clothing, shoes, undergarments and hygiene items needed during their approximately 15 day stay. The uniformity of the clothing’s brands and styles ensure every child receives quality items that are of equal worth. 

Recreational, Educational & Religious Activities:

Our contract also includes the provision of paid staff to administer educational services like language and art classes, and recreational activities like outdoor sports, indoor games and group activities. Optional religious and worship services are also administered by local clergymen or church leaders.

For More Information

The Department of Homeland Security recently released information about state programs that may be accepting volunteers and donations:

We invite you to learn more about other BCFS programs and services that do partner with donors and volunteers to administer services to those in-need. Click here for an overview of our programs, or email for more information.