Del Rio Domestic Violence Program (DRDV)

The domestic violence prevention program in Del Rio, Texas provides safety, support and resources to victims of domestic violence. DRDV promotes violence-free relationships and community awareness through collaboration, public information, education and advocacy.


Any individual experiencing a crisis, from a runaway to a domestic violence victim, may call our hotline to speak to someone anytime day or night. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. The line is also open to law enforcement, mental health professionals and social service agencies that may come in contact with a victim of domestic violence. The BCFS Health and Human Services (BCFS HHS) team member on the other line will help assess the crisis and take action, whether that be arrange for emergency shelter or temporary housing with family, or make a referral to a legal professional, law enforcement or mental health professional. It is always our priority to implement a Safety Plan for the caller or victim.

Services provided by DRDV

  • Crisis & domestic violence hotline 24 hours a day – Call 830-768-2755
  • Access to emergency medical care
  • Intervention/safety planning
  • Legal assistance in civil and criminal cases
  • Face-to-face services for victims
  • Referral system to existing community resources within the county
  • Education for and collaboration with law enforcement and community agencies
  • Community awareness through local media, newsletters, and events

Community Outreach by DRDV

Child Safe Project

DRDV implements classroom instruction through the Child Safe Project for pre-school aged children in Head Start programs and daycares. The primary goal is to increase knowledge of safety to the children as a preventative measure, teach them that their body is theirs, teach them to be wary of strangers, and other important safety principles. Nearly 200 children in the Del Rio area have received this training so far! Other community outreach measures include:

Self-defense classes

Self-defense classes and personal safety courses are offered by the DRDV program to females between the ages of 15 to 18 twice a year. The classes usually take place during Dating Violence Month, and sometime around the local schools’ prom nights. A local martial arts center – Esperanza Tae Kwan Do – leads the classes free of charge.