BCFS Hero: Alejandra

Photo: Alejandra

Congratulations to our newest BCFS Hero from the BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio Foster Care & Adoption program – Alejandra Trejo!

Alejandra started with BCFS-San Antonio Foster Care & Adoption as a Transitional Foster Care Clinician, but has since transferred into the Educational Program as a School Counselor Liasion. She transitioned with tremendous ease and has made such a difference in both teams she served.

“Alejandra deserves to be recognized for the dedication and passion she shows not only to the children that we serve, but to her co-workers, the foster parents and every person she comes in contact with during her daily duties. She is always advocating for the needs of the children and has a talent for identifying unique and individual strengths so that she may tailor her clinical approach to meet the needs of each child.

Most recently, she started conducting trauma-focused yoga classes for teenage girls in our Educational Program. Alejandra is not above stepping out of her role and helping out with whatever is needed to get the job done, thus representing the true definition of TEAMWORK.  he always has an upbeat and positive attitude with the children and the staff.”

Melissa Bueno, Regional Director

Congratulations Ale! You deserve it! A big thanks to our leadership team who unanimously voted for Ale and agreed that she has an outstanding work ethic that is noticed by her clients, her peers and the leadership team.  Thank you, Alejandra, for always going above and beyond!