Adoption is the most rewarding thing you could ever do. It’s so worth it. There’s nothing like seeing positive change take place in a child’s life.  Paulina Palmer, Adoptive Parent
Read the story of the Palmer family’s adoption process

Is Adoption an Option?

Adoption is currently only an option for our families in the San Antonio area. BCFS Health and Human Services strives to reunify children with their biological parents or relatives. If the child’s parents are unable to make the necessary changes to regain parental responsibilities Child Protective Services (CPS) will pursue adoption by a non-relative. Once the parental rights are legally terminated, only then can the child(ren) be considered for adoption.

What is an Adoptive Home?

A child is placed in an adoptive home with the expressed purpose of the parents adopting the child. The child’s parental rights have already been terminated and the child is legally adoptable. From the moment the child is placed in an adoptive home, BCFS’ adoption coordinator will work with the family for the next 6 months, ensuring a smooth transition for the child and adoptive family. After the 6 month period is complete, the child can be legally adopted by the adoptive parents.

The Ease of Adopting through BCFS Health and Human Services

BCFS HHS provides matching services for potential adoptive parents to ensure each child is a good fit for the home. With the aid of a case manager and BCFS program staff, adoptive parents are able to effortlessly navigate through the adoption process. BCFS works to facilitate the adoption and act as a liaison on parents’ behalves.

Review our Foster Care / Adoption Fact Sheet for more information about

  • the children in BCFS’ care available for foster care or adoption
  • the responsibilities of foster / adoptive parents
  • basic eligibility requirements of foster / adoptive parents
  • the child/parent matching process
  • support services and trainings available to foster / adoptive parents
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